Month: September 2016


Wednesday was “National Drink Beer Day.” Wednesday isn’t a bad drinking day. When I was in college, it was Number 3 on list of party days (Friday, Saturday, Wednesday, Thursday, Tuesday, Monday, Sunday . . . at least in my cloudy estimation/recollection).

But still, you’d think that the holiday would be a moving holiday, like Thanksgiving: “The fourth Friday of September,” or some such thing. That would make far more sense.

Anyway, earlier this week had a lot of good beer tweets. This one was probably my favorite:

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Dorothy Day

“The reality of scheming, planning, wondering, planning, uncertainty as to what to do. The lot of most people. It occupies so much of one’s thoughts, one can well see how people can think these days so little of God.” Day


“It is so hard to be silent, silent with my mouth, but even more, silent with my heart. There is so much talking going on within me. It seems that I am always involved in inner debates with myself, my friends, my enemies, my supporters, my opponents, and my rivals. But this inner debate reveals how far my heart is from you. If I were simply to rest at your feet and realize that I belong to you and you alone, I would easily stop arguing with all the real and imaginary people around me. These arguments show my insecurity, my fear, my apprehensions, and my need for being recognized and receiving attention.” Nouwen… Read the rest



Gavin McInnes makes an interesting assertion: Inner-city life isn’t dangerous. It’s non-stop fun and adolescent behavior, and the riots are merely the ultimate high. I think he overstates the case, but he has a point. Great piece. Excerpt:

This is what happens in a world without fathers. When there is no discipline, adulthood is perpetual adolescence. The fatherless Puerto Ricans in my Brooklyn neighborhood get their fades retouched every three days. This means lining up at the barber’s for hours waiting to get the same ridiculous haircut they’ve been getting their whole lives. They get mani-pedis, too. Without a dad to slap you upside the head, life becomes one big spa and there’s nothing political about it.

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Miscellaneous Rambling

Ceiling. TrastevereIf you missed it, Bishop Chaput’s lecture earlier this month at Notre Dame is a must read. Excerpt: “But here’s my larger point: We’ve reached a moment when our political thinking and vocabulary as a nation seem exhausted. The real effect that we as individuals have on the government and political class that claim to represent us — the big mechanical Golem we call Washington — is so slight that it breeds indifference and anger.”

Ceiling. TrastevereFrustrating: I listened to the speech on a podcast, but I can’t for the life of me find it now. I’ll let you know if I locate it.

Ceiling. TrastevereI should’ve posted this earlier: Another response to Tim Kaine’s asinine remark about the Church changing its position on gay marriage: “[I]f it does then the Catholic Church will cease to exist at that instant in time and will become something else — and that, my friends, is exactly what Tim Kaine and many others want.”

Ceiling. TrastevereAnother must-read about the BLM protests: “The media keeps saying — as it has reported about every BLM riot before it — that Charlotte “started as a peaceful protest” and then became violent. But that’s like claiming a drive-by shooting “started as a peaceful jaunt through the city” until the passengers starting firing indiscriminately out of the driver’s side window. That may be true, in a certain sense, but the drive was always leading inevitably and purposefully to the shooting part, just as these “protests” are, from the beginning, merely a staging ground for savagery, looting and destruction. The riots are not aberrations. They are not surprising and unexpected developments in … Read the rest


ABC News just reported that 95 percent of all campaign ads from now until Election Day will be for Hillary Clinton. She’s in 95 percent of the commercials. Even Peyton Manning was like, “Geez, lady, enough is enough.”… Read the rest


Chinese authorities just announced that apparently their space station is out of control and will crash into Earth some time next year. So, just a warning to everyone who plans to be on Earth around some time next year.… Read the rest