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I've been wrestling mightily with the Hemisphere Hypothesis for the past two years. I've tied it into the Existence Strikes Back project, which is something that has occupied my attention off and on for the past 25 years.

My labors (of love) with THH and ESB aren't over, but starting tomorrow, they will take a noticeable shift.

I will be writing a "Catholic Hemisphere" column at Catholic 365.

There is nothing by me at 365 yet. The first two columns should appear tomorrow, but it's a new platform for me, so you never know if I'll run into tech problems.

All columns will be linked through TDE. I don't think this new emphasis will detract from TDE. Indeed, I think it'll enhance TDE, especially if you're Catholic or traditionally Christian.

Why the Shift?

I'm making the shift because it's the end game. It has always been the end game. Although I didn't know how, I always knew Existence Strikes Back would lead back to Catholicism. When I came across the Hemisphere Hypothesis, I started seeing how it would all come together and I need to understand it better (which the writing process helps intensely).

I'm still feeling my way and, like St. Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians, seeing through a glass darkly, but I think I see enough at this point to make the jump and land on the other side without stumbling too much and making an ass out of myself.

Starting tomorrow, I will no longer be coy nor academic. No more background and lengthy explanations. You can find all that under the Existence Strikes Back tags, supplemented by the pieces under the Hemisphere Hypothesis tag.

Starting tomorrow, you'll see brazen Catholicism.