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History of Western Civilization in Just Five Minutes

My first Substack project. It might take ten minutes, btw.

People find history hard. The jumble of names, events, dates. It's helpful to have a framework to hold pieces of the jumble.

That's what I have tried to provide here: A framework of Western civilization in five minutes . . . presented through the prism of ten years (not specific dates . . . just years). If you memorize these ten years, you'll have a workable structure to build upon.

If you then read about each of the years, you'll have a solid structure to build upon.

That's this Substack series. I was going to publish it as an e-book (it's about 14,000 words), but I've increasingly become enamored with Substack, especially its audio features. All 13 posts are narrated and accompanied by music from my righteous southern rocker nephew.

TDE Subscribers Read Free

I put all 13 episodes behind a paywall. They will be behind a paywall when I release the entire audio series as a single Substack podcast (a thing I hope to do later this week, but due to tech issues, it might not get released until August).

But if you are subscribed to The Daily Eudemon (including its Outside the Modern Limits newsletter) I will comp you one year of the Substack publication. When I see that you have taken out a free subscription to Eric Scheske's Outside the Modern Limits (Substack), I will send you a complimentary paid one-year subscription. If you don't have it within 24 hours, email me at eric scheske @ g mail . com.

Heard it Before?

Many of you have seen this series before. I ran the introductory piece at TDE and I ran each of the years as part of The Weekly Eudemon podcast series (which is still in Spotify/Apple archives).

The entire thing, however, has been revised and re-worked into a single project, geared specifically for Substack. The intro piece is linked to each of the ten years. Every piece has separate audio. It's a far better product and, like I said, contained in one spot.

As always, word-of-digital-mouth is necessary for any online project's success. If you can forward this email or recommend the series to friends, family, students, or parishioners (I'm grateful for all my readers, but especially humbled by the handful of priests and professors who subscribe), I'd appreciate it.

You Can Know the Historical Framework of Western Civilization in Just Five Minutes
It’s all in this post.