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TDE accepts submissions.

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TDE pays Medium rates.

“Medium” means: what pays on average, based on our experience. We pay different rates for the different types of pieces: Features (over 700 words), Blog Posts (300-700 words), Briefs (fewer than 300 words). Email us for rates.

Use the “Contact Us Via Email” link you’ll find at the top of the homepage. You can also email Eric Scheske directly at (which will allow you to attach your submission if you prefer to streamline the process).

All payments are remitted by Venmo, so you’ll need a Venmo account.

We accept materials that you have published on your own site (just like Medium does), so it’s a nice opportunity to “re-sell” your work.

In addition to the payment, TDE will provide you a byline and a link to your site. If you prefer to stay anonymous, that’s fine too. We will just publish your piece like any other TDE piece.

You also keep all copyrights. You are only giving TDE a nonexclusive license to run the story at TDE and The Eudemon (TDE's "Medium arm") and to keep it at the sites. You keep the right to sell it to other publishers, anthologize it, etc.

If we publish it at The Eudemon, you will, in addition to the base payment, receive half of any proceeds we receive from Medium during the first two months. We're talking pennies for the Medium payment, but we provide this just in (the extremely unlikely) case the piece "goes viral" and a lot of money comes in from Medium. You will share in the windfall.

By submitting, you warrant and represent to TDE that you are the owner of the copyright and have the right to give us the right to publish it on our site.

Internet Writing

Be sure to be acquainted with “Internet writing.” This basically means lots of white space. A few standard practices:

  • Paragraphs should only be a few lines long. (Yes, this grates us, too, but Internet writing is nearing the point where each sentence is its own paragraph.)
  • Break-up articles into sub-sections. Each sub-section shouldn’t be longer than 250 words, ideally.
  • Title each sub-section.

By submitting a piece to TDE, you give us permission to edit however we reasonably think appropriate, to add pictures, and to add links. If you don’t like how we present it, we will remove it after you return the payment.

Be sure to submit works that are “finished.” No typos. You should consider installing Grammarly, which is a nifty online software that checks your work for grammar and spelling.