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The Catholic Church is the Proper Master

Introducing the Catholic Hemisphere: Part One of Two

The Hemisphere Hypothesis needs to be claimed for the Catholic Church.


I said it.

I've been writing about Iain McGilchrist's "Hemisphere Hypothesis" for two years now. I've been doing it for the same reason C.S. Lewis said he wrote books: to better understand subjects.

I was like St. Paul, seeing through a glass darkly.

Heck, I'm still seeing darkly.

But the light is there. Things aren't entirely dark--as overwhelming–as they were during my first few months with this "Copernican revolution in metaphysics," when every page McGilchrist wrote took me fifteen minutes to read because I kept stopping to underline, note, and ponder.

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The Catholic Church is the Proper Master
Iain McGilchrist’s Hemisphere Hypothesis can help Catholics understand and thrive in modern times.