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If you haven’t spent a lot of time with Zmirak’s Bad Catholic series, you’re missing out. The material is flat-out brilliant. Content, prose, humor: it’s all there. I expect to draw a lot of BYCU material from Zmirak, including this nugget: Zmirak got drunk trying different bourbons at the Waterfront Ale House. After sampling many bourbons, he informs his reader that Basil Hayden bourbon is his favorite drink “in the world.” I have very little taste for bourbon, but on the authority of Zmirak, I will try it the next chance I get.

His book on drinking, incidentally, is blowing me away. He packs more Catholic lore onto one page than most people experience in a year. If you like Christian history and booze, the book is required to be on your bookshelf.

Happy birthday to my father. He would have been 80 today.

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