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1929 Redux?

That's my new shed. The siding on the front portion is clear, giving it a greenhouse effect. It's not very big. The "greenhouse" side is about 90 square feet, but that's big enough to hold ten large self-watering containers and an assortment of smaller pots, plus tools, supplies, and a small gardening book library. It has vents and even a poor man's temperature control: On a sunny 50-degree day, I can "set" the thermostat to 95,75, 65, or 55, based on the combination of doors I leave open.

It has it all.

Now I'm just waiting for a bum to start sleeping in it. Folks are already talking about this as the next Great Depression, and I'm not sure they're wrong.

One thing I do know, however: Things will never be the same. Now, that could be a good thing or a bad thing, but the folks with the guns (the government) never let a good crisis go to waste. I gotta believe we're looking at huge social engineering as a result of this, with the federal government taking over large swaths of the economy and exerting even more control. We've seen it before; we'll see it again. The ruling class always takes what it can, by force if necessary, but when the people are scared, they'll just give it away.

I highly recommend the work of Amity Shlaes in this regard. She is "the man" (she'll forgive that metaphor). I'm on a book-buying moratorium for Lent (I gave up Amazon as one of my penances), but I'm practically drooling over her Great Society: A New History. Based on one review, I think it starts with the Marxist Frankfurt School's efforts to undermine America through the intellectual classes (once Marxism gave up on workers ever joining the revolution), then covers the 1960s in all their gory leftist ideological rage and their culmination in the Great Society that LBJ and Nixon (no conservative, Tricky Dick) tried to implement, contributing greatly to the disaster that is America today.

Like my new shed/greenhouse, it has it all. We just need more of us bums to sleep in (read) it.