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Well, very good night for the Democrats. Plus 32 in the house was a huge victory, but minus 3 in the Senate tarnishes it. Blue wave? Nah. Blue wavish perhaps, but no wave.

It's more troubling that very left-wing candidates are gaining traction. History repeats itself. We have a large, young underclass fueled by envy, with thousands of sparks being lit every day on college campuses by Marxist professors. I fear that's where the real battleground is. We have to start over with the new generation, explaining why socialism doesn't work. It's a hard sell. The socialists have the stories to tell: the mother who lost healthcare insurance, the child without food to eat. The free marketers just have analysis . . . factual and truthful, but when stacked next to a sick mom without healthcare insurance, boring and non-persuasive facts.