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The Rambler

Extreme embalming. I can't even begin to get my head around this enough to form an opinion. "[T]he body of taxi driver Victor Perez Cardona, a former cancer patient, was positioned in his cab – with his hands on the steering wheel – a request his daughter says was characteristic of her father, who loved jokes. According to the Daily Mail, some mourners even sat beside Perez Cardona for one last ride."

Heard at an Unregistered podcast and corroborated by the Huffington Post. The African-American world of hip-hop loved Donald Trump . . . until, of course, he won in 2016, at which point it became socially unacceptable to like him.

Random Blurb from the Notebooks: People talk about Nock's intense privacy with amusement, an anecdotal aside of a great writer's life. But it's not just an anecdote. He, in a very real sense, snuffed himself out, which was consistent with the larger point he was making: self-assertion through activism is wrong.