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"With respect to self-talk, I might be at the golf course having the best game of my life and then suddenly find myself triple-bogeying the last five holes. How does this happen? Our unconscious belief about who we are and what we are capable of sets parameters for our behavior and performance. So, if my unconscious mind has the belief that I am a 100 golfer, and I am about to golf an 80, it is confused by the outstanding performance because this is not “who I really am”. As a result I get nervous trying to be someone other than what my unconscious mind believes me to be, and I self-correct back to who I really am by golfing atrociously during the last five holes. Do we really want to do this? Not consciously, but our unconscious mind will try to correct back to what it believes we really are, which exerts a profound force on our capacity to act." Robert Spitzer