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The Unsound and Little Fury

A tale told by an idiot

From last week's column: "Zoroastrian women were smokin' hot, and Zoroastrians weren't "people of the book" who deserved a modicum of respect, so Zoroastrian men were slaughtered. I'm guessing their women filled out those early Muslim harems. I wouldn't even want a harem. Men were given only one penis for a reason. . . ."

Then again, I was given only one mouth and I like different foods. I really like junk food. I'd grow Nacho Cheese Doritos in my garden. When I was a kid, the Taco Doritos were the only ones available. When I first tasted Nacho Cheese, I wept with bliss. I know a filthy joke revolving around Nacho Cheese Doritos, about a self-abusing man turning a part of himself orange, but I don't want to use the word "penis" two weeks in a row. This is literature (I think), not porn, though the two increasingly started coming together over the past 200 years, starting with the Marquis de Sade. Porn and science had intercourse through the perverse studies of Alfred Kinsey. Kinsey should've discredited the social sciences forever. "Hey, let's take our population sample of sexual mores from the prison population; let's masturbate infants." The social science establishment neither cared. Heck, they didn't even notice. No one reads the academic studies. Even academics don't read the academic studies. They just look at the abstract, see if it fits their notions, then endorse or condemn it. "Peer review" in the social sciences is normally "nominal review."  Fascism appropriately didn't survive Hitler and Mussolini, but the social sciences are just fine after Kinsey and bogus peer review. There is no justice, but there is Jussie Smollett. He gives me hope for all the bi-racial homosexual children who graduate from a Catholic high school. I think Catholic high schools are frauds, at least the popular ones that crank out D1 athletes. They're about as "Catholic" as Pope Michael. Most of them are Jesuitical. Freakin' Jesuits. They're the sacramental version of Alfred Kinsey: say or do anything to push their position. Casuistry, sophistry, twittery. Man, I hate Twitter. I wish Musk well and I'm trying to use it, but gosh, I just don't like it. How can I fit this weekly column into it? Did Jack Dorsey think of that? They say he meditates two hours a day. I'm not sure I believe it, but his uncle is a priest, so maybe he's one of those closet Catholics, which makes him  a bizarro Garry Wills, a man who attends Mass and makes it known that he prays the rosary every day, but denies the Real Presence. Did I mention I don't like the Jesuits?