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Developing: Notes On the Unseen Battle that Goes on Around Us

Father Simon recently said that, if we could see the invisible battle that goes on around us, between the demons and the angels, we'd be terrified. It's a blessing that our normal mode of existence doesn't let us see such things. The mystics, however, occasionally get a glimpse . . . and they confirm that it ain't pretty. April 2024.

Tucker Carlson talked about the unseen battle that is now manifesting itself in the material world in the form of UFO sightings. He said the knowledge took him to dark places that weren't good for him, so he doesn't let himself think about it anymore.

Tucker Carlson’s Interview on Joe Rogan
A Few Notes about Episode #2138

There's a dialogue, if i recall correctly, toward the end of the Lord of the Rings when Gandalf mentions that the defense of Middle Earth didn't just happen at Minas Tirith, that there were unseen forces working behind the scenes.

Or maybe Gandalf was the unseen force working behind the scenes, contending with evil spirits.

I'm really reaching here. I'll have to revisit later.