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When I moved from my house of 30 years, I threw out all my trophies, except four that were special to me. I am now throwing out those four, taking the expert de-hoarder advice to take a picture of things that are special but useless one step further by blogging about them as well (but then burying it in the TDE archives).

Bowling was huge in my small town back in the 1970s. There were too many boys for just one league, so there were two. Both had, I'm guessing, 50 boys, all the same age.

My team won the league championship three years in a row: third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, thanks largely to "Chris" who normally won the prestigious "high average" award.

But somehow, my fifth grade year, I emerged on top. I vaguely remember realizing it as the season came to a close that I was ahead of the elite bowlers. I also remember Chris' ire and increasing pettiness toward me.

I held on and won with "112." (I think second place finished with "111)