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Photo by Brecht Corbeel / Unsplash

If you want to inherit the kingdom, look with the eyes of the little child. Or maybe drink a few cocktails.

Here's the thing about kids: Their prefrontal cortexes aren't developed. Their PFCs don't fully develop until their early twenties.

PFCs control analytical thinking. It is often said that they perform "executive functions" (see below).

So even though the PFC exists in both hemispheres, I'm guessing it leans left, so to speak, with the result that patients with focal strikes in the left prefrontal cortex outperform normal people in creative problem-solving tasks that require breaking away from rule-based thinking. The Matter with Things, 259

If we weaken the PFC, we weaken the left hemisphere's grip. We can weaken the PFC by cultivating the mind of the child. By doing so, we keep ourselves young, which means we keep ourselves flexible and creative.

These are good things.

I can see why Cosmo Landesman admires people who are like that.

From bohemian to bourgeoise
I had a very bohemian druggy adolescence. My parents were old bohemians. For Christmas they regularly gave my brother and me hashish

The problem is, he equates it with "drunks and stoners." There's a lot of truth there, but we don't have to be a drunk or stoner to keep our PFC in service to the right hemisphere instead of letting it become a foot soldier in the left hemisphere's efforts to usurp the right hemisphere's rightful reign.

We can cultivate the eyes of the child in all sorts of ways. Christ, after all, wasn't suggesting his followers drop acid in order to inherit the kingdom.

Any efforts to weaken the PFC's left-hemispheric sway over our brains help us cultivate the eyes of the child.

Do nothing.

Do pointless things.

Read a book for pleasure.

Go Zen.

Flourishing - The Daily Eudemon
If you want to flourish, you need to be connected to full reality. If you want to be connected to full reality, you need to be connected to the Tao. If you want to be connected to the Tao, you need your right hemisphere to reclaim its rightful role as the master.