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Drinking news to share with your friends this weekend

Photo by George Cox / Unsplash

Thank You, Balfour. The Muslims Never Would've Given Us Something Like This.

Of course, the Christians who are now persecuted by the Israeli state might have

Drink beer like King David thanks to Israeli startup’s biblical yeast

I Don't Know. Something's Missing After You Drain One Then Smash It on the Floor

Absolut launches commercially available paper bottle

Next Up: Ripple from Pinot Noir Grapes

Fireball Is Getting Fancy With Barrel-Aged Cinnamon Whiskey
Cinnamon whiskey brand Fireball is offering an oakier edition, aged in “dragon-charred barrels.”

Speaking of Ripple, I Learned Recently that I'm a Shirt Sleeve Drinking Relative of Fred Sanford. He Drank Ripple; I Drink New Amsterdam Gin: Both E & J Gallo Products.

And speaking of fortified wines, this is a treat 20th-century Americana drinking piece

What’s the Word? Thunderbird! | Modern Drunkard Magazine
Gallo didn’t neglect any potential market niche, including the homeless who were not likely to be reached by television, radio or Princess Thunderbird. According to Ellen Hawkes, author of “Blood and Wine: The Unauthorized Story of the Gallo Wine Empire,” Gallo salesmen deposited Thunderbird empties in the streets of skid-row neighborhoods, to build brand awareness among the wino population.

First Modelo Especial Overtakes Them. Soon, Hamm's Special Light

I'd love to see Pabst battle again for market share. Its defeat by Budweiser was a classic case of a better product losing to better marketing.

Bud Light dethroned as top-selling beer brand in U.S. after boycott
Modelo Especial outsold Bud Light last month, according to new beer sales data. Its U.S. distributor said it happened “quicker than we had anticipated.”