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Amaze your drinking companions with your cannon of beverage fodder

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Incentive or Deterrent? You Decide

This country offers free taxi rides for party-goers too drunk to drive home
Italy tests free taxi service to combat drunk driving. Trial initiative offers intoxicated individuals rides home from nightclubs.

Maybe Not News, but It's a New Essay (to me, at least). Plus, I'm a Who Fan.

Top Drunks: Keith Moon | Modern Drunkard Magazine

A Fate that Oughtta be Reserved for the Higher Numbers in Dante's Hell

Who has two-day hangovers?
After a big night of drinking, those most prone to feel the aftereffects for multiple days fall, paradoxically, into two camps: people who drink heavily quite often, and people who rarely do.

If you routinely consume large quantities of alcohol, you might be familiar with the agony that sets in as your body strains to process all that booze. This is particularly true if you binge-drink, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines as a woman having at least four drinks on one occasion or a man having at least five. But, in some cases, what you consider to be a hangover may actually be the start of serious alcohol withdrawal, said Lara Ray, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, who researches alcohol use disorder.

The symptoms of a hangover and alcohol withdrawal can overlap, and it’s important to know the difference, said Anthony T. March, an addiction medicine specialist at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital. If you are vomiting persistently and cannot keep fluids down, having frequent diarrhea, experiencing confusion or even mild hallucinations, or if your skin is turning blue, you may have a severe form of alcohol withdrawal and you should go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Conversely, if you don’t drink very often but overindulge one night, one hypothesis for why you may have a longer hangover is that your liver may not be conditioned to produce acetaldehyde, Dr. Ray said. That means your hangover symptoms might stick around, she explained.

Move Over Alabama, Clemson, Georgia: Iowa State is the Next Powerhouse Football Program

Iowa State, We Will Collective launch cobranded vodka with NIL ties
Iowa State University and We Will Collective announced a cobranded line of vodka that will help the collective fund NIL deals.

Alright, Enough is Enough: Stop this Stupid War

Price of gin could soar due to grain shortage caused by Ukraine war
Gin manufacturers say gin customers will likely see a rise in pounds rather than pence

Who is the Greek God of Self-Righteousness?