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Holiday Drinking!

Juneteenth! The date in 1865 when word of the Emancipation Proclamation was formally announced in Texas.

A day to drink!

If you don't drink a beer of color tonight, you're a racist.

If you want to try such a beer, and be politically correct 2X, try Modelo Negra. My Mexican friends swear by it.

Of course, they also swear by Justice Roberts.

Then again, my gay friends would also swear by Justice Roberts, if I had any gay friends.

While drinking a few vodkas tonight, I'll have to ponder: Does my dearth of gay friends make me a homophobe? Maybe it does. Just as my wealth of Mexican friends, clients, and acquaintances makes me non-racist.

I think I felt TDE readers' uncomfortable squirm all the way here in Michigan. You see, "racism" is no longer about one-on-one contact, caring, and affection. It's about ideas. How you think is more important than how you act. You could be Mother Teresa, but if you don't think correctly, you're a racist against Calcuttans.

It's been that way from the dawn of ideology. Rousseau preached about the goodness of man, then left his wife and five children in wretched poverty. Dickens parodied the type in Mrs. Jellby, as did Dostoyevsky in The Demons with the character Alexei Kirilov (see quote in postscript). Socialism is freakin' filled with preachers who were hellbent on not doing good. Perhaps most noticeably, Lenin preached the earthly paradise, then started the Gulag.

Ah, it's not a good state of affairs, that's for sure. The ideologues are winning, big-time. Which is all the more reason to drink. We have only a short time in this vale of tears. Enjoy it before the valley gets too deep and the tears turn into a torrent, as has happened every time ideologues have seized control.


Mr. Kirilov simply collects observations; he does not touch upon the essence of the matter or, as we might say, the moral aspect of it. Indeed, he denies there is any such thing as morality and he advocates the latest principle–total destruction in the name of the ultimate good. Mr. Kirilov has already demanded that more than one hundred heads roll so that reason may be introduced in Europe, and that considerably exceeds the figure proposed at the last peace conference. In that sense, Alexei Kirilov is ahead of everyone.