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Where Are the Earlier Entries?

Photo by Brian Garcia / Unsplash

Are you looking for earlier scrolling blog pieces? I’m afraid you’ll have to search for each one individually.***

Why no scrolling blog, even though the tagline says “since 2004”?

Simply because all blogs were scrolling (“stacked”) back in 2004. That was the only format, which made since (blog is a neologism born of “web” and “log,” and “log” implies a series of entries . . . stacked . . . not a grid of them).

When we updated the software, theme, and everything else, we discovered that the blog world had abandoned the stacked approach for some reason, forcing bloggers into the “grid” approach. In the process, it took every post (over 10,000, btw) and broke them into separate URL entries. So you can longer go to, say, May 2009 and scroll through the entries. Every entry is a separate post.

So, I’m correct to say the scrolling blog is the TDE approach since 2004, but I’m afraid I can’t prove it from the TDE archives.

As always, thanks for reading. I’ve been blogging for almost 30 years now. I plan to make it my main hobby in retirement, hence my fairly sizable investment into this new blog software and format, even if full retirement is still a decade or two away.


***As of this writing (June 29, 2022), the search function at the top of the page isn’t working. We’re looking into it. The Google search at the bottom of the site, however, works great.