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The COVID debacle doesn't rankle enough: not enough people seem ashamed or apologetic; not enough people seem to appreciate the enormity of what our politicians did. I, no exaggeration, find it greatly disturbing for an obvious reason: they'll do it again and too many of us will be totally fine with it.

We need a lot of mea culpa, with real actions to show they're sorry, like stepping down from office. But no. They're staying . . . and getting re-elected.

Like I said, it's frustrating and scary.

The government’s authoritarian COVID policies are just the most visible proof that it’s a terrible idea to turn anything of importance over to government control.

The refusal of a large swath of our country's electorate to apologize and acknowledge the government's terrible behavior during COVID means we aren't anywhere close to understanding this . . . and, indeed, believe just the opposite, which means it will happen again and again and again.

I am a bit hopeful, however, that every young adult who was in high school or college during this debacle is now fully aware of the problem. I would hope their attitude is,

"These flaming totalitarian idiots took away two of the best years of my life and they weren't just 'acting with the best information available to them.' They knew what they were doing: getting rid of Trump, transferring wealth to Amazon and their digital allies, placating the pharmaceutical companies, and, possibly, seeing just how much they can get away with because much of our populace can't think for itself anymore. That ain't gonna be me."

We'll see. Hope springs eternal, I suppose.