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About once a month, I come across an online essay that is so lengthy and compelling that, after reading the first section, I merely scan the rest and print it out so I can study it later.

Such is this essay by Adam Kirsch. It appears to be an explanation of how the left hemisphere came to dominate modern knowledge and how AI is its most recent (and deadly?) manifestation.

Kirsch never mentions the left hemisphere but the essay nicely plugs into the hemisphere hypothesis and, regardless of what you think of McGilchrist is, I believe, a "must read."

Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Have a Right Hemisphere
Language is the prime material of logical constructions. Owen Barfield, Poetic Diction (1928) Large language models are trained on human data from the Internet. Lex Fridman, #370, Edward Frenkel (37:30) “AI Might Eliminate Us, but It Can’t Replace Us.” Anonymous