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Anthony Daniels aims at three of my favorite targets: (1) The relentless propaganda to push the WNBA on the populace (but in Daniels' case, he marvels at the propaganda to push female soccer in Europe), (2) tattoo culture, and (3) ugly buildings ("brutalism").

Underlying these three seemingly disparate things: A sinister insistence that everyone appreciate and accept something that isn't good. Women's basketball/soccer is fine, but it's simply not as good as men's. A modest tattoo might be a matter of taste, but a tattoo-caked arm is unsettling. Brutal buildings are downright menacing and ugly.

Should people be free to watch the WNBA, get a tattoo, and construct ugly buildings? Sure.

But they should be even freer not to. A person of true freedom doesn't succumb to the propaganda. A person of true freedom and a bit of bravery (or brashness) is comfortable pushing back, preferably with mockery.

It is not the fault of women that they are not very good at football, any more than it is the fault of fish that they are illiterate, but the fact that everyone pretends not to notice it and dares not say it, at least in public, is surely a little sinister. A man of seventy may still play a good game of tennis, but it is always for his age: one wouldn’t expect him to win Wimbledon, nor would one expect excited, breathless reports on an over-seventies’ tennis tournament. The sudden interest in women’s football thus has a bogus feel about it, like the simulated enthusiasm of a crowd for the dictator in a communist state.