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Racist Fan Wants Adaptation to Stick to Source Material

Photo by Jayme McColgan / Unsplash

When Brandon Foi tweeted his disapproval of the race-switched casting in the upcoming Disney Plus adaptation of Percy Jackson, friends and family were shocked.

“I was stunned,” said friend and Twitch follower, PrincessLeiasboobz, “that Brandon would ever say anything so obscene.”

In an interview with his mother, Mrs. Foi told reporters, “Brandon has always been… spirited. I suppose it started when he began sharing ‘Dumbledore asked calmly’ memes. We didn’t think much of it because, you know, we had jobs. We never imagined he would end up like this.”

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Brandon had been spending inordinate amounts of time on hateful subreddits, like r/starwars, r/lotr, and r/disney. In 2012, he achieved a degree of fame (130 upvotes) when he complained on r/movies about how Tom Cruise was too small to play the titular Jack Reacher.

On his YouTube channel, we found comments dating back to 2016 under the Dr. Strange trailer stating that “The Ancient One” was supposed to be an Asian man and not a white woman. Some people think that should have been a warning he was falling deep into the degradations of white supremacy.

His reactionary spiral only continued in 2022 when it was revealed that Mark Wahlberg would not grow a mustache for his role as Sully in the film adaptation of the video game, Uncharted.

Brandon’s brother, Brad, told us “yeah he was always going on about s — — like that. He would talk for hours about how Eragon the book is so much better than the movie and how the movie ‘ruined his childhood’, or that he didn’t want the Twilight actor to play Batman, and I’m like, dude, get a life. I’m trying to watch the game.”

Leading up to the incident, Brandon’s mother had been excited for Brandon when he initially heard the news that Disney Plus was doing a Percy Jackson series.

“I think lots of mothers would have been disturbed that their 28-year-old son who still lived with them could be so invested in Young Adult literature, but Brandon loves Percy Jackson. They’re the only books he has read in years. And he was so devastated in 2010 when they cast brunette actress, Alexandra Daddario, as the blond-haired Annabeth. He still talks about it to this day. So, I thought for sure that he would love that they changed not only her hair but also her skin color as well. It broke my heart to learn that my son was a racist.”

“I always thought that Brandon was just a nerd,” said former high school classmate and prom queen, Emma Wilson, “I didn’t realize his lifelong fandom and social awkwardness were just guises sheltering his deep-seated white supremacist ideology.”

At press time, Brandon’s mother was “optimistic” about his rehabilitation, especially after anonymous Twitter users from around the country began harassing him and Percy Jackson author, Rick Riordan, called him racist in a tweet.