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This is So Outrageous, I Won't Believe It Unless This Guy Shows Up Wearing a Toe Tag

And Introducing "the Murder Paradox"

The Murder Paradox: If the subject matter is important, you can't believe someone's words unless he's prevented from speaking them.

I've long speculated (then believed and now am reasonably certain) that the federal government has been censoring free speech through use of private companies, but I had no idea it was this flagrant and bad.

Here is my thumbnail summary of what Mike Benz (who no doubt will soon be painted by the corporate media as a rapist or nutjob) says in this interview with Tucker Carlson. (BTW: When I write "federal government," it's just a short-hand way of referring to specific federal departments or federal employees):

  1. The federal government has been influencing (controlling) other countries' elections since the end of WWII.
  2. When its interference didn't bring the desired results, it resorted to backing coups so it could get the correct people in power.
  3. It was done in the name of protecting democracy in those countries. The rationale: if the Communists won an election, there would be no more elections.
  4. In 1991, the federal government decided it would be cheaper to influence elections through the Internet, so it made the Internet public.
  5. Everything went fine until about 2014, then it began to realize social media was getting outside its control.
  6. Then Brexit and Trump happened, fueled largely by all the free speech emanating from social media.
  7. The federal government decided that, if it had been undertaking the moral mission of protecting democracy in other countries since WWII, then it should take on the same moral mission for its own country.
  8. Therefore, to protect democracy in the United States, it needed to throttle and redirect (censor) free speech on the Internet, just as it had been doing in other countries, regardless of whether the speech was true (it never cared in other countries whether the squelched speech was true . . . it was all about controlling who gained power).
  9. It then set up a series of private companies to censor free speech on the Internet and used a German law and threat of huge fines to force social media to delete posts that these "private companies" thought would result in the wrong election results or, with COVID, interfere with the federal government's aims.
  10. As a result, we ended up with a huge censorship industrial complex that is designed to cripple or kill American free speech, but, of course, only if the federal government decides it needs to "protect democracy" in America, which is just a glorious phrase that means, "helping assure that the federal government and its corporate allies get what they want." And it does that by labeling anyone who disagrees (anyone who provides "malformation") as a "terrorist."

If Benz or Carlson doesn't die in a car accident soon, I'll be surprised. I tend to trust Tucker and this Benz guy seems credible.

I would have zero doubt that Benz's entire account is true (the internal logic plays out), except it's so outrageous, that it borders on the incredible.

This is a nifty service that provides a transcript and audio excerpts of the interview.

Russell Brand's "take"

The Importance of Free Speech
Free speech is the most important issue today, and I don’t say that because I loathe Democrats (I don’t much care for Republicans, either). I say it because truth is fluid. It’s not relative (put your genitals back in your pants, perverts), but it is fluid. It’s partly what identifies