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The Great Reset appears to be an idea among the global elite that COVID gives them an opportunity to “reimagine” economic systems, along the lines that the elite think more appropriate.

The problem is, there is no such thing as an “economic system.”

People naturally pursue happiness. To paraphrase St. Thomas: A person cannot be so unselfish that he does not desire his own happiness. In pursuit of happiness, he or she will have many different pursuits, ranging from religion to bird watching, from writing poetry to raising children.

In order to pursue happiness, a person needs a level of financial security. (“Detachment” is a kind of anti-security and the first rule of the spiritual life, but that's an entirely different matter.)

In order to obtain security, most people will seek prosperity.

“Prosperity” is merely a level of security. The prosperity can be a little bit of security (barely living above poverty) or a lot of security (being rich), but it is a type of security.

Prosperity is what people pursue in the market: with their labor, their ideas, their risk-taking, their innovation, their brains.

It's that simple: People desire happiness. They therefore pursue security. They therefore pursue prosperity. They therefore enter the market.

There is no “economic system,” unless you call the glorious mayhem of billions of people pursuing happiness a “system.”