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The Unorthodox are Converting

Including Russell Brand

He, and quite a few others. A lot of "unorthodox folks" are converting to Christianity and many specifically to Catholicism. They're realizing that Christianity is the only thing keeping western civilization from falling into the abyss.

I hate to brag, but I came to that conclusion about Catholicism back in 1991, following a conversation with my highly intelligent, erudite, and conservative Lutheran father, who pretty much conceded that Protestantism played a huge role in the devolution of our civilization.

What I found especially charming about this piece: It's a paean to Mary (maybe it's no coincidence that the piece appeared in May, the month of Mary). From the conclusion:

"[I]n turning away from Catholicism, freethinkers and reformers together cut western culture off from the life-giving inspiration of the Blessed Virgin. And we’re surprised our civilization is running out of steam? The only surprise is that it’s lasted so long."

Aside: According to the article, St. Bartholomew the Great is "the only place in London where the Blessed Virgin is said to have appeared."