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My entire life, I've been taught early risers have a head start on success.

Rise and shine!
Get a jump on the day before it gets a jump on you.
The early bird gets the worm. '
Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Seize the day.
The dawn of a new day brings new opportunities.

On our travels, Marie and I love to get up early and explore big cities before the world wakes up.

When your ears aren't filled with noise, you see better. Yeah, I don't understand that either, but it's true.

Those days are gone. We jumped on a hot Kansas City morning last summer, looking for the Wilbur Harrison 12th Street and Vine Memorial. We had to turn back because the homeless were all over the place.

The same phenomenon occurred in Austin and Vegas.

Why are the homeless "up and at 'em"?

Do they wake up and think,

"I got a lot of f'ing up to do. A lot of people depend on me soiling their early morning strolls and commutes.

Is is my question du jour: Why do the homeless get up at the crack of dawn? Do the homeless shelters kick them out? Everything else in them is broken but they have a robust circadian clock?

It's really bizarre. They spurn or ignore or fail at every other rule of a productive and satisfying life, except this one.