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Is Substack a Weapon to Preserve Truth?

A Substack montage

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This author gropes to explain the same sense I have about Substack.

From Bari Weiss' "The Free Press," a weekly columnist explains the marvel that is El Salvador. If you get a chance, check out Tucker Carlson's interview with the country's President. The man is a shock-and-awe weapon against the gnosticism that has been enveloping western politics since WWII. The United States defeated the gnostic Nazis, then immediately embraced a gnosticism of its own, which is reaching the grotesque dimensions we witness today . . . and are in display in the next Substack excerpt below.

James Kuntsler might be the best columnist today: great prose, funny, erudite. Vulgar, I'm afraid, but hey, those are the times we live in.

BTW: I long have thought he is the son of William Kuntsler, the radical lawyer, but he's not. My apologies if I misled anyone in this regard.

Philosophors on Substack
“Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for.” — Viktor Frankl