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The Free Press on Tucker Carlson

Bari Weiss' Free Press says Tucker Carlson is a loon. Me? I'm not sure what to think.

"Something’s in the water in fringe right-wing media because things are going from vaguely offensive to just very strange. So, so strange. Tucker Carlson announced on The Shawn Ryan Show that he doesn’t need to do more research on aliens because he knows enough. . . . When podcaster Shawn Ryan asks Tucker to explain, the floodgates open.

“There are commonalities that are very striking between all world religions I’m aware of, and all creation myths. And one of them, and this is, of course, true for Christianity, very true, is that the belief that supernatural beings take physical form. . . . Christianity believes that: Jesus, immaculate conception, spirit, reproduces with human woman. That’s, that’s what the story is. . . . So if, if every culture in the world that we know about has left any kind of written or physical record is reaching the same conclusions about something, maybe there’s something there.”

". . . For those of you who didn’t really catch the above, Tucker thinks aliens might be akin to gods, or gods to aliens. And I think there’s sex. How in the hell did Fox News keep the real Tucker under wraps for this long?"

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