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Huberman is a non-member of that non-group, The Intellectual Dark Web. He runs with Rogan and the like. He, therefore, is outside the Establishment and, therefore, an enemy, even though I've never discerned a political position in the many hours I've listened to him.

But that's the thing, right? Among the Left, everything is political (it's part of the Communist playbook that requires everything to be disrupted), so a person is either on the correct team or the wrong team. If a person doesn't confirm that he's on the correct team, he must be on the wrong team.

If Bud Lite announced it wasn't going to take a position on trannies anymore, the Left would deem that an announcement that it opposes trannies. No neutrality. Neutrality means you aren't willing to confirm that either side is correct, which means you won't confirm the correct team's position. That's not acceptable to the fundamentalist, dogmatist, gnostic. All issues it cares about are settled: true, beyond discussion, sealed off. Only sinister people decline to confirm them.

Huberman (to my knowledge) remained apolitical and thereby made himself a target to the Left. The Establishment today is Left, so it opposes Huberman, as evidenced by the legacy media piling onto this story, which, boiled down, isn't much of a story (summary of story: he's a cheating womanizer).