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More Guys Need to Get to the Trad Mass

The women described in his piece (the "hoes") are taken straight from the movies and other pop culture. They're also taken straight from real life (art mirrors life).

But not all young women are like this. Not remotely. Some young women don't think family life is an "artificial prison." They know their best chance of happiness and fulfillment isn't found in the workplace. They aren't "woke." They know their ability to maintain a home is the most important thing any woman can do. They don't want to work unless necessary and, even then, preferably "on the side." (I believe, but can't prove, that women in the workforce have placed downward pressures on men's wages, while at the same time increasing the cost of living because two-earner couples can afford to splash money around).

You can find these women at your local Catholic church, especially the ones at Latin Mass. Look for young ladies who are wearing a white veil over their hair (a black veil means they're married or engaged to be married . . . my new daughter-in-law explained this to me last week). I'm sure they can be found in other enclaves, but unless you find such an enclave, you're gonna have to pluck these needles out of filthy haystacks, like your local officer or university campus.