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Resistance to the Gnostics and Their Left Hemispheres. Click Here to See the Main Projects that Develop These Themes.

Existence Strikes Back, The Hemisphere Hypothesis, Counter-Conduct, Flourishing, the Tao, and Gnosticism

Existence Strikes Back
Modernity rejected the Tao. Postmodernity rejects the rejection.

The Hemisphere Hypothesis - The Daily Eudemon
Iain McGilchrist explains how our left hemispheres have gone rogue. The left hemisphere (the emissary) is meant to serve the right hemisphere (the master), but it has usurped the master’s position. This usurpation is the essence of modernity. It cripples society and each one of us individually becau…

Counter-Conduct - The Daily Eudemon
Modernity is molded by the left hemisphere. It could be argued that modernity is, by definition, the culture built by the left hemisphere. As a result, folks these days tend to have atrophied right hemispheres that need to be reinvigorated in order to flourish. Part of that effort requires a revolt…

Flourishing - The Daily Eudemon
If you want to flourish, you need to be connected to full reality. If you want to be connected to full reality, you need to be connected to the Tao. If you want to be connected to the Tao, you need your right hemisphere to reclaim its rightful role as the master.

The Tao - The Daily Eudemon
The Tao is the door to transcendence; it is the door away from the left-hemispheric emphasis on essence: things, definitions, quantities. It is the first element of reality: prior to essence and existence. It is, therefore, undefinable and unnameable. We need to get to know it even though we can’t g…

Gnosticism - The Daily Eudemon
Gnosticism starts with a fundamentally flawed view of reality. Ancient gnosticism rejected the immanent (earthly) realm of reality. Modern gnosticism rejects the transcendent realm and, with it, the Tao. Eric Voegelin did the most among all philosophers to raise the alarm about gnosticism and its pe…


Humor - The Daily Eudemon
“It is the right hemisphere that understands the emotional or the humorous aspect of a narrative; it is also better able to appreciate irony and sarcasm – all that is not explicit but radically alters meaning. . . . There is a large literature showing that the right hemisphere is crucial for appreci…
Literature - The Daily Eudemon
“The novel’s spirit is the spirit of complexity. The novelist says to the reader: things are not as simple as you think.” Milan Kundera It thereby is a rebuke to the left hemisphere and its preference for neat, predictable, and efficient abstraction. Reading is also frustratingly aimless and, to t…
Localism - The Daily Eudemon
Restlessness is the energy generated by the left hemisphere. Its abstractions say there’s always something better than what’s in front of you now. Localism demurs. It appreciates what’s here now. The gnostic (always dominated by his left hemisphere) doesn’t like the tactile local except to the e…