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I struggled about whether to post this story. I really like the Huberman podcast and this reporter wrote this story to show (by implication) that Huberman is a fake because he has demons . . . including a big libido.

The thing is, I've always figured Huberman must have pretty serious faults. He's pretty open about the wounds he suffered in his youth. Those things simply don't heal. Just ask Elon Musk.

But those things don't make a person a fake. Those things can make a person stronger, if the person struggles against them and even overcomes them, if only in part.

Huberman strikes me as a struggling man who has overcome his demons . . . in part. And I'll keep listening to his show.

Who wants to learn about warfare from a guy who's never served in the military?

Assault on Huberman
Kerry Howley at New York Mag