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Counter-Conduct and Flourishing are the Same Things Except They're Not

Modernity is left-hemispheric. It has led to a culture of left hemisphere presumptions, conditions, and conclusions. As a result, it has led to a population of people with atrophied right hemispheres.

Each of us has an obligation to reinvigorate our right hemispheres. We owe it to ourselves; we owe it to Reality. If we can reinvigorate our right hemispheres and, in the process, help others reinvigorate theirs, that's great, but our only obligation is to take care of ourselves.

It's like strapping the air mask on yourself when it drops from the airplane ceiling before helping others get theirs on.

Counter-conduct is the "negative" side of combatting left-hemispheric modernity. It is conduct that attacks the left hemisphere and its presumptions, conditions, and conclusions.

Flourishing is the "positive" side of the effort: making ourselves better in beating back left-hemispheric modernity.

You can think of it like a fat man getting into shape. He both needs to shed the fat (counter-conduct), improve his cardio, and build muscle (flourishing), but they occur simultaneously. By shedding fat, he improves his cardio and musculature; by improving cardio and building muscle, he sheds fat.

Original essays under "Counter-Conduct" and "Flourishing" comprise most of the essays found under "Existence Strikes Back IV."