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Photo by Laure Noverraz / Unsplash

An Autobiographical Prelude

Ah, Labor Day weekend. It's one of my favorites. I embrace the melancholy, which prompts me to embrace a fresh bottle of gin.

I'll clean up my office late this afternoon (staff has been dismissed for a four-day weekend) while sipping a gin and tonic and listening to my melancholy playlist on Spotify (if you're on Spotify, you can look for "The Daily Eudemon" and click on "Instrumental" . . . it includes a fair amount of Don Shirley, who, I like to tell people, is my favorite gay black pianist).

After an hour of that, Marie will join me in the law firm's serene library for a few drinks, then we'll walk a block to my small town's outdoor music venue, watch a few songs and converse with whomever happens to be there, then retire to my favorite watering hole for dinner, more drinks, and pinball (a right-hemispheric activity), before we walk home.

All-in-all, I'm anticipating a lovely evening, if perhaps a rough Saturday morning.

With that autobiographical droll out of the way, here is this week's news. Special thanks to the TDE regular who contributed the two best stories below.

"Place It Right There, Next to the Barbie Movie Stuff."

And introducing a new drink that I didn't even know existed: "Hard Mountain Dew," which is apparently taking adolescents to new drunken heights. Grandpa Jones would be proud.

New Boozy Drinks Blur Lines Between Kid and Adult Beverages
Regulators are cracking down on shelf placement of drinks such as SunnyD Vodka and Eggo Liqueur.

One of my favorite songs of all time. "My Uncle Nort/he's sawed off and short." Makes me laugh every time.

Here's Another One of Those New Drinks for Adolescents

Eggo Just Dropped a Boozy ‘Brunch in a Jar’ That Tastes Just Like Waffles
Eggo and Sugarlands Distilling Company have come together to create Eggo Brunch in a Jar, a new cream liqueur that combines the flavors of buttered waffles, savory bacon slices, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Careful: Soul-less Wives Could Use This to Trick Their Husbands

A friend's elderly mother loved gin and tonics, but they were awful for her health. My friend would pour tonic over ice, then rub gin around the rim of the glass and not give her a straw. The old lady always nodded approvingly, "Mmmmm. That's good." This intriguing spray takes that trick one step higher . . . or lower, depending on your position.

Crafter’s Gin unveils liquid garnish - The Spirits Business
Estonian spirits producer Liviko has launched an ‘aromatic’ gin spray range to ‘elevate’ cocktails, called Crafter’s Sensory Potions.

Demand is Up; Agave Availabity is Down. You Don't Need Keynes to Figure Out What's Happening

Tequila Prices Are Surging. Is a Shortage Looming?
For tequila enthusiasts, the last few years have brought an unending cycle of sticker shock with every trip to the liquor store. And the steady rise of two to three dollars every couple of months has been hitting all brands of tequila, high-end and low. An obvious reaction is to blame…

TDE Reported on This Last Week, but the Similes are Getting More Humorous so We're Presenting the Story Again

Costco offers refunds for tainted vodka with ‘bathroom urinal puke vibe’
Costco was forced to offer refunds on its Kirkland Signature American Vodka after a flurry of complaints that the booze “tasted like lighter fluid.”