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"He Stands Like a Statue/Becomes Part of the Machine"

That lyric from The Who's righteous (if overplayed) song summarizes the point of this very good piece at Salon. It's not often you see TDE post an essay from that leftist e-rag, but it's not often that leftist e-rag quotes Wendell Berry and Jeff Bilbro (editor of Front Porch Republic).

The piece also has Existence Strikes Back Part III and/or IV angles. True effort, including mental, always includes the body. It's Polanyi's "tactic mode." If we are going to escape the labyrinthine prison constructed by the left hemisphere and overseen by our gnostic prison guards, we need more tactile pursuits that inherently reject Cartesian dualism (that poison that wholly separates mind and body) and the entire modern edifice constructed on it. That's why this essay belongs in Part III.

Fortunately, I believe such tactile pursuits are becoming, and will continue to become, more and more popular. If tactile pursuits are the highest pursuits, we will yearn for and find them and do them. That's why this essay belongs in Part IV.

Prediction: A pinball renaissance is coming. And based on this essay, it might already be here.

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