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What’s Happening at TDE?

Highlighting the Traditional TDE Blog

A reader contacted me yesterday, noting that TDE didn’t have any new content for a few days. I was like, “What? Yes, it has. Did you check out the traditional TDE blog?”

He hadn’t. He didn’t realize I had re-launched the old TDE, albeit in a slightly different format.

Perhaps I didn’t adequately emphasize this “new old” feature when I launched it.

In the upper-righthand corner of the TDE site, there is now a “widget” (that’s what they call it) set up just to run short posts in the vein of the old Daily Eudemon. If you’ve been reading TDE over the years, you know what this means: posts about anything that grabs my attention.

It’s fairly low effort on my part, but it is “authentic,” in the sense that I post about things that interest me at the moment. It can be almost anything, ranging from gardening (big this time of year) to economics to religion to politics. That’s why the subtitle of the “new old” feature is “Whimsy on Steroids Since 2004.”

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Seven Days Make One Weak: Christmas Edition

TDE, Pork, BLM, and a Wonderful Life

Welcome to the end of 2020. December 23rd.

The whole world pretty much “checks out” at this point, an annual relief from workaday pressures. This year, the relief is amplified by COVID.

TDE blogging will continue, but on a lighter schedule, as evidenced by this 7D/1W Christmas column. There probably won’t be a Saturday column for the rest of 2020. Though I plan on blogging the rest of 2020, I doubt there will be any new feature pieces or smaller articles. The site will be almost entirely “blog-type” posts.


TDE has been trending upward over the past month. We had our biggest day of the year yesterday: 622 different “Unique Visitors” came. It’s a great note on which to end the active writing year.

We expect more developments next year. We have an active writer on board, who has requested our writing guidelines and plans to start submitting in January. We’ll see how it develops.

If you’re interested in writing for TDE, you can email me at the contact form at the top of the page.

Pork City

If you think more federal government is the answer to anything, you should be required to sit in a dark cell with a bare lightbulb over your head and the 5,500-page stimulus relief package. You should then be required to locate every item of spending and highlight those that are not directly related to COVID relief.

If you then still believe the federal government is the answer to anything, you can leave your cell, but will then be summarily executed, consistent with the solutions provided by powerful central governments over the past 100 years.

President Trump spoke the truth bluntly: “It really is a disgrace.” 

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