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The Senator Asked Barrett if She has Ever Committed a Sexual Assault

Oh, if everyone could just sit back and laugh at the idiocy spawned by our higher educational institutions

Leftists crack me up: Senator Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, asked whether Amy Comey Barrett has ever sexually assaulted someone.

It’s this kind of idiocy that gets 75-year-old women searched at airports.

It’s ironic. We live in an age of identity politics. Everything revolves around one’s tribe, as determined by shared characteristics. But if you draw distinctions between people based on their membership in such a tribe, the Left screams like someone getting tape ripped from their hairy leg.

The mere identification with a tribe establishes that the tribe has a distinct identity, but for others to recognize that identity? It’s considered an outrage.

So in this case, I suppose it’s fair to ask a man, especially one with a penis, whether he has ever sexually assaulted someone. But to ask a woman? Unless she used to work as a female prison guard, it makes no sense. It’s simply a formality born of vague multiculturalism and gender elimination that has leaked out of our colleges and universities into the general consciousness.

It can all be traced back to concrete academic causes. As Richard Weaver noted years ago, ideas have consequences.

If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend Cynical Theories. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve listened to the authors on podcasts for hours. I’ve also been flipping through it, just waiting for a chance to read it straight through. This was an area of study I embarked on a few years ago, so much of the stuff in the book isn’t new to me, but the authors appear to have done a good job of organizing the history of ideas and presenting them in a clear format.

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