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Seven Days Make One Weak

The Lockdown Death Rate, COVID hangovers, Kristi Noem, election recounts.

“Strange days indeed. Most peculiar mama.”

John Lennon

It has been a crazy week, but do we have any others?

COVID cases are soaring. Hospitals are filling up. People are panicking.

The government is salivating.

Imagine a Kennedy walking into a roomful of gorgeous hookers and cocaine. That’s Lansing. That’s Sacramento. That’s Columbus.

That’s the Oval Office, come January 20th.

A Catholic Borgia Pope couldn’t be more eager than the Establishment is right now.

The TDE staff came down with COVID right before the election. TDE Tech Adviser Max tested positive, forcing the rest of the staff into quarantine. Your Editor-in-Chief came down with the nasty headache and extreme fatigue, along with some of the nasal and throat unpleasantries which he continues to clear to the annoyance of his wife.

But otherwise, I found the COVID experience pleasant. It entailed a lot of outdoor time, coma-like naps that were absolutely incredible, and victim status in the eyes of people who would otherwise make demands on my time.

The one major downside were stabbing headaches from drinking. I drank twice during the ordeal (both after the headaches had gone). Both times, I limited myself to two drinks (stiff ones, but still just two). The next mornings were very rough for my head.

I couldn’t bring myself to drink last night (a rarity), and as of this morning, I don’t feel like drinking.

That’s been the hardest part of COVID.

There’s one place where the rulers aren’t salvating: South Dakota.

We need more Kristi Noems. My only problems with her are (i) I can’t figure out whether she’s hot or not, and (ii) she governs from a place called “Pierre,” which conjures up memories of Pepe Le Pew. But otherwise, … Read the rest