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Four reasons why the Right shouldn’t be too distraught by the Capitol building violence

If you’re like me, you’re still embarrassed by the violent eruption at the Capitol building last week. I know, Trump didn’t directly provoke it, but those close to him did, and Trump indirectly did.

As I mentioned yesterday, no one who wants to remain in the United States can logically condone riots and other forms of public violence (e.g., tearing down statues), no matter the reasons.

But we can take comfort or at least suspend a little bit of judgment on the events earlier this week by keeping in mind a few things.

First, we don’t know who all the protesters are. Just as Antifa and its fellow travelers provoked violence from BLM protests that were intended to be peaceful, we know there was at least one Antia-type person among the protesters. One doesn’t equal a coordinated effort by any means. He could’ve just been an aberration, but it merits further investigation, even though it appears he probably was the only one, and he said he was there just to take video.

Second, we don’t know anything. Unless you’re crazed with anger or other passions, the one thing that should be in your mind right now is, “Wait, stop. What the frick is going on?” How was the protest launched, who’s responsible, why was security at the Capitol building so crappy, and on and on. When you combine our ignorance in general, the media’s full-scale disregard of their important duty of trying to provide objective facts, and the clandestine efforts of the CIA and other federal agencies, no one should assume he or she knows anything about the riot.

Third, the Left is now behaving violently, from banning Trump from Twitter to calls for impeachment. The disturbingly shrill and non-measured response from Pelosi and others really ought to … Read the rest

Seven Days Make One Weak

The Party of Trump; the illogic of riots

Whatta week.

I kept wanting to jump in with a few posts, but things were unfolding so rapidly, I figured that, no matter what, my post would be irrelevant (or possibly dead wrong) within an hour.

So Trump is finally gone.

It’s good he’s leaving peacefully . . . er, um, peacefully eventually.

Here’s the thing about Trump. Both the Right and the Left have been right about him. Both sides of the political coin loved or hated him, and both sides were correct about him.

The Right pointed out that he was the best response to the federal government and its ongoing raping of the public purse in favor of its cronies. For the life of me, I can’t understand how the Left hates the rich but turns a blind eye to the federal government’s doling out of massive riches to its friends, but no matter: Trump may have been the best solution to this since the Articles of Confederation . . . or maybe Calvin Coolidge. In this, I’d call him “St. Trump.” He fought evil.

The Left pointed out that Trump didn’t give a rip about fighting evil. He’s a narcissistic person who saw an opportunity (to be a champion against central government) and took it so he could be President to feed his out-sized ego.

Both narratives are correct, but they need to be blended in order to provide the full picture. I believe Joe Rogan once said Trump isn’t a Democrat or a Republican. He’s the party of Trump.

That’s the best description I’ve heard. “The party of Trump.” A combination of limited government and ego that resists friends and alliances, especially in the Beltway, where being for limited government is worse than being a child molester … Read the rest