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Give Peace a Chance

We need to set up avenues for peaceful and orderly secession.

The majority of Americans think we are heading to civil war. 71% of Trump supporters; 40% of Biden supporters.

In a country of over 300 million people, there are going to be disagreements. That’s expected.

And in the postmodern age, when basic rules of logic and norms of behavior are questioned and rejected, the disagreements become insurmountable. That’s unavoidable.

There will be two sides and civil war is a logical result. In that, you can put me with the Americans who expect civil war.

But there is a much better answer.

Peaceful coexistence.

No side coercing the other side, no use of violence or threat of violence. You do your thing and I’ll do mine.

It’s easy, it really is. Most of live that way already. I see white trash spending their week’s wages on pot and tattoos, I experience a wave of disgust, then it passes: “their life,” I tell myself, “and besides, I got my own sins to deal with.” I move on and can even greet the tattooed fellow with a smile at the checkout line.

Very few people seek confrontation, but very few people willingly suffer violence or willingly be coerced under threat of violence.

Government by its nature forces confrontation because it exists and acts under threat of violence. That is not a disputable statement. It’s a naked fact. Government is natural, government is necessary, but for it to exist and work, it needs a measure of coercion at its command. This fact doesn’t make government bad, any more than the fact that commerce relies on the desire for money (love of which is the root of all evil) makes the market bad. They’re just naked facts.

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