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New Mother Cabrini Statue Next on the Hit List

Plus More HSP, Gardening Corner, and Louis Prima

I’m impressed: New York City erected a statue of Mother Cabrini yesterday in Battery Park. I hope they put it behind a huge fence and appoint an armed guard to protect it. I mean, it’s such a testament to western imperialism: Mother Cabrini, with all her orphan grandstanding and caring for the sick, as if she were doing anything except spreading the poison of Catholicism.

Antifa, you’ve been challenged! This country doesn’t need any more white statues!

Of course, Mother Cabrini was Italian and, about 100 years ago, many Americans considered Italians “people of color.” Thaddeus Russell recounts it in his excellent Renegade History of the United States.

Indeed, it would seem Italians back then were much darker, at least some of them, like Louie Prima, who risked losing gigs at white establishments because owners thought he was black.

And regardless, the Italians, like the Irish, were held in such low esteem, they might as well have been black (interesting parallels about our country’s horrible treatment of “out” groups can be found in Sowell’s most-excellent Ethnic America and Russell’s book). They were so “on the outside” that their cultures mixed and there was a degree of respect (but also the racial tension from being put into close proximity with one another . . . see this movie clip placed in 1964 Brooklyn).

Well, regardless of all that and such a rich and complex history of race relations, I’m not optimistic the Left will much care. Mobs aren’t known for their subtle art of discernment. That Cabrini statue is at risk, as evidenced by the fact that, when NYC started its “She Built NYC” Commission to build more female statues, it initially declined to erect one to Mother Cabrini, Read the rest