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Drinking and Football Trivia for Your NYE Celebration

Courtesy of Reddit’s “Today I Learned” group:

Today I learned: Max McGee, the first player to score a touchdown in a Super Bowl, did so hungover and getting barely any sleep the night before. He was a backup who didn’t expect to play, and when the starting receiver got injured, he had to grab a lineman’s helmet because he didn’t have his on hand. Also, that first touchdown was a one-handed grab, and he went on to have two touchdowns that game for 138 yards.

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Random College Football Thoughts

american football playing
Photo by David Morris on Pexels.com

Notre Dame will apparently get the fourth spot, which makes me happy, but (i) I think Texas A&M is a better choice, and (ii) it annoys me that the ACC will get two teams into the playoffs.

I have little doubt the ACC is corrupt. Prior to Clemson’s unquestionable rise to national prominence, the ACC used its officiating crews to make sure one of its teams emerged toward the top of the national rankings. I’ve also read allegations that Frank Beamer exercised undue influence on the selection committee, using his connections to make sure an ACC team made it every year.

Yeah, I know: Neither allegation can be proven. And I might be wrong. Of the two allegations, I’m more comfortable with the first (corrupt officiating).

But it’s good to see ND start to emerge as a national power . . . possible (that was a beat-down yesterday). An ardent ND-hater once told me, “Notre Dame is like the Yankees. College football is better when they’re in the discussion.”

I agree with that.

I would extend the analogy by saying Michigan is like the St. Louis Cardinals.

But if they don’t get their act together, they’re going to end up more like the St. Louis Browns.

So they’ve moved the CFP semis from the Rose Bowl in California to AT&T Stadium in Texas. Why? Escalating COVID cases in California will keep the Rose Bowl under lockdown.

But how could this be? Hasn’t California implemented some of the harshest lockdown measures in the country (outside of Newsome’s inner-circle)?

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Heartwarming Football Story Featuring Al Davis

Davis, as commissioner of the AFL, hired ex-Buffalo Evening News sportswriter Jack Horrigan as his PR man. When Horrigan was diagnosed with leukemia, writes Felser, “Davis, a Jew, bought a votive candle in a Catholic religious supply store. Back in his office, he lit the candle as a devotion, a prayer in flame—a Catholic custom. When the office was about to close that evening, a cleaning lady informed him it was against building policy to leave a burning candle unattended. Davis took off his coat and stayed the night.”

William Kauffman, Poetry Night at the Ballpark and Other Scenes from an Alternative America
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