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The Arius Puncher: St. Nicholas’ Feast Day

December 6: St. Nicholas’s feast day. John Zmirak writes everything you need to know. Excerpt:

The association of Nicholas with gift-giving isn’t entirely arbitrary. Some of the earliest accounts of his life include the charming suggestion that he would throw money through the windows of impoverished girls so their fathers could afford dowries and they could be married—instead of lapsing into lives of prostitution. It’s said that in one household he tossed three bags of gold—one for each endangered daughter. This inspired pawnbrokers ever after to hang three golden balls outside their windows. So the next time you swing by a pawn shop to pick up, say, an engagement ring or a .38, remember to say a little prayer to St. Nicholas for success in marriage or marksmanship.

This excerpt is an excerpt from his wonderful book, The Bad Catholic’s Guide to Good Living. … Read the rest

A Festivus for the Rest of Us

Yeah, I know: Festivus is a fake holiday created by Seinfeld in 1997, when Mr. Costanza told Kramer about the family holiday he created: Festivus.

It was, Mr. Costanza explained, a “festivus for the rest of us.”

It has since become a real “thing,” with its official celebration date on December 23rd. It’s a denunciation of the pressures and commercialization of Christmas.

You can even buy a (tacky as hell) Festivus celebration kit at Amazon.

But I’d like to propose that the Catholics take it back. I mean, heck, we’ve taken so many other things from the Jews, we might as well take Festivus.

We’d apply it to today: All Soul’s Day.

The canonized saints have their own feast days. The uncanonized saints were recognized yesterday.

Today, the Church recognizes the rest of us.

I believe it’s the only commemoration in the liturgical year for non-saints. Check me if I’m wrong, but I believe every other day involves a saint or an event (or a building . . . the Dedication of St. John Lateran).

Today is our day.

Well, not yet, I guess. If you’re reading this, you’re still alive, but if you’re like the rest of us on this Festivus, it will be your day shortly.

Burn the candle, say the prayers, spin the beads for their souls.

Heck, even put up the aluminum pole, if it’ll help you to remember to do your earthly spiritual duty today.… Read the rest