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What is a Perfect Piece of Knowledge?

An allegory of sorts:

I once read the following (the source escapes me):

Our surroundings call forth certain behavior. We tend to act like students when we step in a classroom, and we tend to act like shoppers at the mall. This is . . . the logic of ‘ecological psychology’: I am not a wholly separate entity from my surroundings, but rather, my [surroundings] and I form an interdependent behavior setting.

I loved it. “Ecological psychology.” Whatta concept. It told me why I’ve always insisted on having a study/library in my house, where the kids’ clutter doesn’t roam and the kids themselves are vowed to civilized behavior when they enter. It explained why I reserve the room for calm reading, thought, and writing. It explained why I want to drink when I’m in a bar.… Read the rest

In the Margin

I don’t know if the Internet drives me nuts because of all useless information at one’s fingertips or because of all the great websites I’ll never get to know. I ran across this site recently: The Marginalia Review of Books. It looks great, so great that I figured it’s brand new, but it’s been around for eight years.

I immediately saw dozens of essays and interviews I wanted to read.

Be careful if you click over. You might drown. … Read the rest