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The Weekly Eudemon

A round-up of good reading from the week

Squeezing Amazon, the existential benefits of gardening, and Bitcoin as it cracks $60,000. (“M” denotes Medium.com, so you may need a subscription to read.)

The Left hates Amazon because of how it treats its workers and because it’s an abject lesson in the  power of capitalism. The Right hates Amazon because of what Amazon did to Parler and its left-leaning agenda. I’m seeing more and more people fighting against that python. This woman describes how she weened herself off Amazon. And Marco Rubio just wrote an op-ed in USA Today that said conservatives won’t help Amazon in its fight against unionization, noting that the days when big business could count on conservative support are over.

I’m not a huge Marco Rubio fan, but that op-ed tells me he’s on the right track. Or at least has his ear to the political ground and is positioning himself for a 2024 run.… Read the rest

What the Frick, Amazon?

I just watched The Fight of Our Lives. It’s a thoughtful yet unequivocal attack on the far left ideas that every Democrat and Republic ought to resist. It explains the problem with postmodernism, Marxist infiltration of the universities, safe spaces and cancel culture, declining population.

A must-see.

I simply can’t figure out where Amazon is coming from. First, it rips Parler off the Internet in one of the most brazen assaults on free speech since Stalin, then it airs this documentary, which is one of the strongest defenses of freedom of speech and other western values since William F. Buckley launched National Review.

And it’s packed with, I’m guessing, interview excerpts with at least two dozen different professors.

So, although I still hold Amazon in contempt, my contempt isn’t as withering as it was a few weeks ago.

Who knows, maybe this is all just a ploy by Amazon to salvage its mainline customer base. It could be. It’s that unexpected and out of nowhere.

(Caveat: I still have 20 minutes to go.)… Read the rest

Are We Going to See Naked Hobbits?

Amazon’s series about Middle Earth is apparently going to be sexualized. That’s unfortunate but perhaps not unfair to the narrative.

Photo by Thandy Yung on Unsplash

Amazon is hiring an “intimacy coordinator” to assist women who are doing sex scenes in Amazon’s upcoming series about Tolkien’s world. They have also put out calls for background actors who are comfortable with full or partial nudity.

Tolkien? Sexualized?

Fans are fuming.

I don’t blame them. I detest gratuitous sex and nudity on the screen or in books.

But here’s the thing: The Amazon series is supposedly going to cover the Second Age of Middle Earth.

The Second Age revolves heavily around a place called “Numenor.”

If that’s the case, the sex and nudity probably aren’t gratuitous.

Some Background

In the First Age of Middle Earth, a god named “Morgoth” fought the elves for centuries, eventually beating them. The elves appealed to their kindred in the Undying Lands to overthrow Morgoth, which they did in the War of Wrath.

In the War, many men fought with Morgoth instead of the elves, but some fought with the elves. These men were called the “Dunedain.”

For their reward, the gods gave them a large island between Middle Earth and the Undying Lands. The men who accepted the gift and sailed to the island were blessed. They had great resources and were relieved from all illnesses.

The Dunedain (or “Numenoreans,” as they came to be called) grew wise, then powerful, then rich.

And then they started to enjoy it all.

Tolkien tells us the Numenoreans “turned the more eagerly to pleasure and revelry” and that “they drank and they feasted.” The Silmarillion (Ballantine, 1979), 329.

That’s probably the closest Tolkien ever got to a sex scene, but it’s not a leap of imagination to assume … Read the rest