What’s this blog about?
Pop culture, religion, history, literature, philosophy, humor, and drinking–usually from a Catholic perspective, but in a manner that non-Catholics find inviting.

What is a eudemon?
A spirit of light.

How do you pronounce “eudemon”?
Random House Dictionary says, “you-dē’mun.” I like the hip hop pronunciation: “you-duh-MAN.”

Didn’t you used to be called “The Wednesday Eudemon”?
Yes. Actually, the blog started as “Notes Quotes and Aphorisms,” but I aborted that lame effort after about nine months, then I sat, fermenting (or decomposing, depending on your view of my writing). I re-activated the blog as TWE in December 2004.

Why did you stop using TWE and become The Daily Eudemon?
When I re-activated the blog, I planned to post once a week only, but I like to be sarcastic almost every day of the week, so the daily format is more appropriate. Once I switched, TWE became confusingly anachronistic.

What is Your Link Policy?
The Bloghorn: If you’re a blog and you link to me, I’ll link to you, unless your site is disagreeable. Just e-mail me and let me know that you’re linking to me, I’ll check out your site, and then add you (again, assuming you’re not a Moloch-worshipper or some such thing).
Links: These are non-blog links that I hold in high regard. You can ask that I add your site here, but I won’t, unless I visit your site regularly and thoroughly enjoy it. A link in this section is an endorsement.

Do you really have seven children? Blended family?
Preliminary: I dislike the term “blended family.” I prefer “jumbled family,” but I’ll answer the question anyway. All seven babies came from my wife with my assistance nine months earlier.

Seven children in eleven years? How do you keep your sanity?
Sanity is over-rated. If you want to be like everyone else (the only standard of sanity in day-to-day life), read nothing but newspapers.

Where do you find time to write at all?
I don’t golf, fish, hunt, watch TV, or breathe. I work (as an attorney), read, play with my children, and drink. The rest of the day is dedicated to writing.

Your house must be loud. Where do you write?
In a hole, surrounded by 2,000 books, a small wine rack, and a crucifix.

Did you used to write in the plural first person and refer to yourself in the third person?
Yes. I did so for three reasons: (1) It was an effort to imitate Orestes Brownson’s popular Brownson’s Quarterly Review, a publication he wrote mostly by himself, but in which he always used the plural first person. It’s a venerable tradition. Russell Kirk, a writer with a sure eye on tradition, wrote his autobiography in the third person. (2) It was supposed to help keep the focus off me. (3) I occasionally received contributions from others. I finally decided to switch to the first person, however, because the third person was often unwieldy and I was contemplating new features that simply wouldn’t work in the third person.

What prompts you to post?
If I find something funny or interesting, it gets posted, unless other factors (e.g., tastefulness) prohibit it.

You refer to drinking a lot. How much do you drink?
I wish I had a beer for every beer I’ve drank.

Sounds like a lot. Is that a good example for your children?
Yes. I rarely, if ever, drink to the point of losing my ability to reason, which, one priest assures me, is where drinking crosses the threshold of mortal sin. It’s tough, of course. In the shadow lands leading to sin one walks in the slippery frontier of fun. But that’s no reason to abstain.

Do you drink while you write?
No, but I write while I drink.

Does it affect your writing?
Yes. That’s why I think the blog is worth reading.