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I don’t buy or lease new cars, so I couldn’t participate in the Ford boycott. Procter and Gamble? I couldn’t keep track of their products adequately to be an effective boycotter. Wal-Mart? Hard to avoid with a large family. But this one? They’ll feel the Scheske boycott all the way to Oak Park, Illinois: McDonald’s CEO: Company will put full resources behind gay agenda. I’m not sure I’d even be that mad about McDonald’s actions, but the CEO’s self-righteous, isn’t-it-obvious? statement is repugnant. (Mr. CEO: Some of us think homosexual activity is a bad thing and ought not be encouraged. You think homosexual activity is a good thing. We simply have a fundamental disagreement. It doesn’t make me a bigot and you virtuous, you progressive and me retrograde. In fact, your inability to see my side of the argument (and the intent of your fellow-travelers to force acceptance of homosexual activity) indicates you’re the bigot.)

Something tells me this looming boycott will be wildly successful. Most people feel guilty after they eat there anyway (the grease, the fat, the sugar), so a good reason to stay away will be welcomed. Morever, there’s almost always another fast-food option.

As of this typing, they’ve lost nine customers and the boycott hasn’t even started yet. My arteries are feeling better already.

(Aside: I looked for the official McDonald’s statement, but couldn’t find it. I found this corroborating story, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the AFA statement is taken from this story.)

Yeah, that doesn’t work. A burglar who broke into a funeral parlour in Spain tried to fool police by playing dead. I tried it the morning of my wedding.

Leno (‘s writers) were on fire earlier this week:

Hillary Clinton was in Philadelphia today and told the crowd that she’s like the movie character “Rocky” . . . now if I remember the movie correctly doesn’t Rocky get the crap beat out him and then loses to the black guy? Isn’t that what happened?

That’s what she said; she’s just like “Rocky.” Except when she is in Bosnia, then she’s like “Rambo.”

On a lighter note, Hillary Clinton announced that her favorite music group is the Rolling Stones. She said they were the first concert she ever went to. John McCain said the first concert he ever attended was two guys pounding on a log with sticks to celebrate successful wooly mammoth hunt.

Happy birthday to Al Gore. God bless him. He’s 60 years old. He just couldn’t enjoy his party, though. He was so obsessed with how quickly the ice cream was melting.


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