Also Known As Day

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Religious Discrimination in the Work Force Act. Also called, “Why I’ll Probably End Up Voting for the Republicans in November, Even Though I Don’t Really Want To”: Ted “Moral Crusader” Kennedy is pushing for legislation that prohibits discrimination against gays in the workforce. His opposition: Transgendered and cross-dressers who are mad that they’re not included in the legislation. “That,” Kennedy assures them, “will come next year”: “The best opportunity for progress is … to follow along on the action of the House of Representatives, and then look down the road to a new day after we have a good Democratic Congress and a Democratic president.”

The Strange Island of Dr. Moreau. Also known as “Britain.” Embryos containing human and cow material have been created in Britain.

Today is April 2nd. Also known as “Fat Wednesday,” according to British scientists, who say that people consume a lot of calories on this day, since it’s midway between new-year diets and summer-preparation diets. I don’t know if there’s anything to it, but I wonder if reporters are merely confusing the cow hybrid story with this one?

Does this bring texting within CCC 2291? The regular use of text messages and e-mails can lower the IQ more than twice as much as smoking marijuana. Via.

Amazing tornado pictures.


Interesting slant on the modern circus:

Before going under the main tent, people would nervously shell out money in order to witness the freak show and peek out from between their fingers at the bearded lady, tattooed man, and Siamese twins hidden away from daylight. The show itself was a three-ring extravaganza that dared you to look away for even a second, lest you miss some death-defying stunt or act.

However, those days are long over, as most Americans are no longer mystified by trains, tattoos can be found simply by stepping outside, and the bar for what’s considered absurd or grotesque is no longer set at someone who weighs as little as 350 pounds.

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus has had to change with the times . . .