Tuesday Trifles

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Why do men cheat? Here are the Top Five reasons. I like number three:

I’m not saying it’s right, and I’m not saying it’s fair, but some men can feel like they’re last in the family pecking order once the gaggle of children dominates schedules, time, and his wife’s attention. That doesn’t mean that kids drive their fathers to cheat, nor does it mean that families are to blame. It just means that the situation can make some men more vulnerable to be influenced by…

That’s me, man, that’s me. With seven kids and non-stop activities, I’m highly vulnerable right now. Give me the strength to resist. Barring that, pass the Viagra.

Judge orders man to post signs on his house, warning others that he is a sex offender. The man is appealing. He says “It’s been pure hell.” The 9-year-old and 11-year-old he molested, of course, thought it was a lot of fun.

Whenever I hear a criminal complain about such penalties (e.g., the whining about being posted on the Internet sex offender list), it becomes obvious the person isn’t really sorry. I realize that’s no great revelation to most of my readers, but I wish the criminal justice system would take note of a fundamental tenet of sin: Those who are aware of it and truly repent of it realize no punishment is too great, especially when the sin is severe.

People who send excessive texts and emails may have a mental illness, according to an article in a leading psychiatric journal.” People who do anything to excess have a mental illness. The question is whether they suffer from a sinful inclination, a spiritual deformity that manifests itself in the mental plane, or a true psychiatric sickness. Quite often, those alternatives are merely a continuum.

Flippin’ stick-in-the-muds: A website that encourages girls as young as 9 to embrace plastic surgery and extreme dieting in the search for the perfect figure was condemned as lethal by parents’ groups and healthcare experts yesterday.

I’ve been reading good things about Horton Hears a Who!. Jeffrey Tucker at Lew Rockwell has joined the throng of praises. I especially liked this observation:

When the mob gathers against Horton, the argument that his cause must be ended and the speck destroyed is a familiar one: it must be done for the sake of the children! This is screamed by the marmish Kangaroo and echoed by every last animal in the forest. When all other political arguments fail in real life, of course, this is precisely what happens. The children are rhetorically nationalized by the demagogue and anyone who disagrees is painted as an enemy of virtuous childhood.