On Noah

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It’s helpful to notice the subtle, but relentless, efforts by the leftist elites, whether it’s the pro-gay ESPN or Hollywood or the Beltway or the MSM in general, to marginalize the Christian element in this country at every possibility. Sample: This article about Noah.

The lead caption: “I was upset — of course,” the director says of Paramount testing alternate versions of the $125 million epic as he and the studio break their silence on efforts to appease a small but vocal segment of the faith-based audience: “Those people can be noisy.”

Right away, in bold letters, you’re told Christians in America are a “small” segment and that they’re “noisy.” In other words, they’re empirically (statistically) unimportant and obnoxious.

But if you read just a little further, you learn that Paramount is “hoping to woo the faith-based crowd.” Why would that be?

There’s only one viable explanation: The faith-based crowd is huge, and if it likes a movie, its members will show up in swarms to see it. Their advocates might be noisy (and, let’s face it, they are), but the ranks they speak for are very big, no matter how much the elitist left wants everyone to think otherwise.

And be sure to juxtapose this kind of thing with the Michael Sam story. There is one steady current in every pro-gay story: “This is a settled issue. Only nuts and extremists think otherwise. If you don’t agree with the mainstream media on this, you’re a neanderthal. Discussion closed, unless you want people to think you’re a bad person.”

The theme is the same: traditional Christian values are in the trash heap, no matter what legions of devout (and yes, I contrast “devout” with “mainstream”) Protestants think and no matter what the Catholic Church (with a billion adherents, who at least pay lip service to the Pope) teaches and no matter what the Orthodox Churches hold. I see this kind of thinking creeping into the thought patterns of otherwise-intelligent friends and acquaintances who don’t make the intellectual effort–or lack the mental tools and background–to see it. They simply see what the MSM paints, and then, with maybe small variations in their own thoughts, adopt it as common sense and a sign that they’re enlightened.

Remember what Chesterton pointed out: only dead things swim with the stream.